Fun Fact #48

ARCO supplies quality TOP TIER™ gas. What is TOP TIER™ gas? It’s like the ice in your soda on a hot summer day!

Fun Fact #40

With all the #DodgerDogs sold in 2017, we could cover 60.55 miles. Even more impressive, the fastest pitch of the season would take 35 minutes to travel that distance.

Fun Fact #58

ARCO sites are a beacon for value to consumers. Our eco-friendly LED lighting increases nighttime visibility and helps lessen our carbon footprint. #smartthinking

Fun Fact #11

Sandwiches represent the largest share of prepared food sales*. Hungry consumers will like the 13 varieties. #delicious

*Mintel March 2017

Fun Fact #19

ARCO offers Direct Supply gas … that means you get regular deliveries by a cool branded tanker truck at your station.

Fun Fact #45

In 2017, there were enough #DodgerDogs sold to cover 689 times the distance of the farthest #Dodger home run.

Fun Fact #30

ARCO has been in business since 1966, for those of you counting … that makes us 52 years old! #triedtruetested

Fun Fact #31

Foodservice sales at c-stores now surpass $34.5 billion annually.*

*Mintel March 2017

Fun Fact #10

ARCO and ampm are the #1 preferred fuel c-store combination in the Southwest Territory.(4) People like quality and convenience, as do we!

Fun Fact #28

ampm offers a hearty breakfast on the run. #riseandgrind there’s people to feed.

Fun Fact #21

ARCO’s onsite POP is not only cleverly educational but it’s made with biodegradable material to boot! We’ll help your site look good.

Fun Fact #20

ampm turned 40 in 2018. With age comes #franchise wisdom!

Fun Fact #37

ARCO has #1 fuel brand share in the Southwest Territory.(3) That means people really like us!

Fun Fact #17

In 2017, enough #DodgerDogs were sold to go around the bases at Dodger Stadium 888 times. How many can you sell?

Fun Fact #12

ARCO tankers are not only beautiful but their aerodynamic cab design increases fuel efficiency. #brainsandbeauty

Fun Fact #46

Southern California boosts industry and travel. For ARCO Southwest, that translates to over 2.5 billion gallons of fuel sold in 2017.

Fun Fact #34

We love our dealers, and they love us! In fact, we have over 100 dealers who have been with us for more than 20 years. #loyalty

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